Talk on Health Safety Plans for Housing Societies at 6th NCRWA, Hyderabad,India

on 2018-11-24


A considerable portion of India's urban citizens lives in high rises and housing societies, it is surprising how little we know about the GOOD HEALTH of members who represent the interests of our buildings and societies. An emphasis on preventive strategies including healthier nutrition and physical and mental activity is likely. Shifting to healthier life styles can still be important for life quality and should start much early in age.

Regular health and wellness program: Residents welfare societies can organize a regular health and wellness program for residents. This would not also increase social interactions amongst the residents. Volunteers from the buildings (ladies and elders) can be trained on simple lifestyle modifications in diet and exercises. They can in turn teach others in their society. Exercises Classes can be taken by them on various health issues in small groups at convenient times.Leaflets on easy diet and exercises can also be distributed to members.

Intergenerational Bonding: A lot of housing societies are now coming up with various “after school program” for kids making sure that the children learn something creative each day. From dedicated art and hobby classes, good healthcare of parents and grandparents can be held by elder resident of the building for the young kids.

Communicating with the residents: Man is said is social animal and socializing remains the most important bind between humans. It is during sickness or ill-health we can make a support system in our society where we can take the initiative of supporting each other in these trying times. Health of residents can be one of the areas where people can be informed to each other regarding any emergency health situations. Using social media like WhatsApp or Facebook Groups can give such information too.It is important to be at the side of any member who has a health issue.Such response to each other makes a residence safe and worth living.